From Concept to Complete

Paint booths in auto body with instructors standing in front
May 6, 2021

Students from two programs at SCTCC were able to work from a design concept to applying the finished product.

The Auto Body and Marketing & Design programs worked together to freshen up the look of the paint booths in the Auto Body lab. It started with a request from Auto Body instructor Dale DeRung to the Northway Group, the ad agency run by the Marketing & Design students.

After visiting the paint booths and talking with the instructors about what they were looking for, the Northway Group was able to finalize a design for Auto Body in December. Student Dana Johnson designed the final artwork for the paint booths.

Auto Body instructor Dale DeRung contacted Todd Straub from 3M, who has a background in the collision repair industry. Wrapping and applying decals to vehicles is a large part of the Auto Body program and industry, so 3M has developed products specifically for the industry. The artwork was sent to 3M to create the decals to be applied to the paint booths, and in late April, students from both programs got to learn the process of applying decals and wraps.

Straub invited Dan “Digital Dan” Lundberg from Studio Wraps to SCTCC to apply the decals and show the process over two days. Students were able to practice applying decals and wraps to a vehicle in the Auto Body lab, as well as help apply the decal to the paint booths.

About six Marketing & Design students attended the first day. Kamila Kakimova was one of the students: “We had really good opportunity to learn about vinyl wraps and how to work with it. It was fun to practice different wrapping techniques, make some cool designs and work with the wrap for Autobody booths,” she said.

It was also a fun time for students in the Marketing & Design program because it was one of the few times the students met in person this semester.

Auto Body students, who have been meeting in person for class and lab, were able to take a crack at the wraps and decals on the second day.

The finished product on the paint booths is a great display of how programs at SCTCC can work together to create a lasting impression.

Kate Wallace