Public Speaking Resources

Microphone on stage
October 7, 2021

By Dr. Mary Wilkins-Jordan, Librarian

Many people are nervous about speaking in front of groups. Everyone can get better at this! Some people are born feeling at ease in a group; some are born shaking in their boots at the idea of public speaking. But everyone can improve, build skills, and feel more confident in their own performance.

The library has all sorts of resources available to help you to find good things to improve your own public speaking - and to give you some examples you can follow in making yourself a better speaker.

Books in the library: (Links will take you to our catalog)

Online books: (links will take you to our catalog)

A few TED Talks on public speaking:

If you need other resources, or want to explore some different topics and ideas, you can always find me in the library or email me at

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