Marketing & Design: A First Year Perspective

Northway Group designs
December 4, 2019

By: Ester Rica Jerez, Marketing and Design Student

Have a mind for business, but not so much for design? Have a creative mind, but not so much for business? I am the latter and whichever one you are, you have a place in the Marketing & Design program. 

I chose the MKAD program because I enjoyed designing in yearbook and had a bit of an interest in advertising. I was nervous for the first couple of weeks. I wasn’t familiar with the Adobe programs and didn’t know how I would do in Intro to Advertising. Not going to lie, the area of business is not my forte. I also had no idea what to expect from The Northway Group. However, I ended up enjoying these classes later, especially The Northway Group. 

The Northway Group is an advertising agency led by students. This course touches on both the creative and business mindsets. We do real work for real clients. Knowing that intimidated me, but our team is supportive and we push ourselves to get ready for the industry. This is also a great way to build our portfolios. Having our work picked by the client or just seen by others is an amazing experience to have.  

For the Adobe program classes, we are given lectures to learn from, but playing around with the programs and repetition is a good way to learn, as well as asking questions. I struggle a bit with Intro to Advertising since it touches more on business, but the energy and knowledge of our classmates and professor keeps my head running and willing to learn something I have always lacked on. I am hoping to grasp more of the business aspect of this program. 

I am looking forward to next semester’s classes, especially Adobe Illustrator. I’m bummed that I will not be taking The Northway Group next semester, though. I feel like I’m going to struggle with Principles of Marketing, but I’m looking forward to learning from it. I am curious how Media Research and Planning, Visual Design, and Web Design Fundamentals will go. The first semester is almost over, and I can’t wait for break, but I never thought I’d be excited for the next semester of college.  

Ester Rica