Advertising Communication and Design

Advertising is a communications tool. The advertising student studies all the various forms of advertising mediums while developing the design skills and creative talent necessary to sell ideas, concepts and products. Innovation, confidence, organizational skills, and strong leadership skills are developed throughout the curriculum with a substantial focus on communications – oral, written, and interpersonal. Faculty strategically build projects, assignments, and activities into the curriculum that include the latest trends, tools, techniques, and innovations to help prepare students for the job market. Advertising is an exciting career choice with unlimited opportunity for creativity and job advancement. 

Students are encouraged to participate in the professional organizations and clubs, including Collegiate DECA, AAF (American Advertising Federation) and The Northway Group (a student run in-house advertising agency). These opportunities are designed to broaden students knowledge and experience and further develop skills taught in the classroom. 

Employment opportunities exist with advertising agencies, newspapers, in-house advertising departments, magazine publishers, radio and television stations, media companies, direct marketing and outdoor advertising businesses.


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