SCTCC Scholarships

We believe in you!

So many individuals and organizations value the skill, work ethic, critical thinking and care that SCTCC graduates bring to our region. One of the many ways they show gratitude is through scholarship gifts.

Thanks to the generous investments of alumni, community partners, faculty and staff, the SCTCC Foundation has been able to award more than $1 million in scholarships since 1999. More than 300 scholarships are available each academic year.

Unless noted, students simply need to complete the common application online to be considered.

The scholarship application for Fall 2016 is currently OPEN.


If you have any questions, please contact Foundation (

Wondering what scholarships are available?
Check out the SCTCC Scholarship Quick Glance Guide.

SCTCC Scholarships Quick Glance Guide

 4 Steps to SCTCC Foundation Scholarships
Complete (thoroughly and thoughtfully) the online scholarship application before July 15, 2016 for Fall 2016.
Check your email. Scholarship award recipients will be notified via the email we have on file from your application beginning of August.
Return a thank-you note to the Foundation Office by August 15 with your complete online scholarship recipient confirmation form if you are a recipient.
Attend the Scholarship Recognition Event to thank your donor in person.
Questions? Contact Foundation at or (320) 308-5980.

Scholarship Review Criteria

Selection for student scholarship awards is made by evaluation of many different criteria.

►  Interest and commitment to a program of study.
►  Involvement with school, family, employment or community activities.
►  Leadership roles and/or awards received.
►  Life experiences that have influenced personal growth.
►  A minimum credit load of 6 per semester.
►  Being in good academic standing* with the College.
►  Care and detail of Personal Applicant Statement.
►  Scholastic Achievement.
►  Additional criteria specified by the donor.

*Good academic standing means a student has a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, has a 67% completion rate of credit load, and is not on academic warning, suspension, or probation. By completing the online application, you acknowledge that you understand the SCTCC Foundation will be receiving your transcripts from the Registrar in order to make scholarship award decisions.

Beat the Odds Scholarship

View the application and recommendation information for the Beat the Odds scholarship program.


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