The building construction industry is one of the largest industries in America today. With the increasing population and need for more housing, urban redevelopment, commercial and industrial buildings and facilities to improve the environment, the skills of a well-trained carpenter are in demand. Department of Labor statistics indicate that the majority of supervisory people in building construction come from the carpentry trade.

A well-equipped shop is available for the development of student carpentry skills. Advanced students construct a home on a city lot. The building trades house project is a joint effort of the building trades classes. Local contractors, realtors, public officials, and financial managers serve as members of the Advisory Committee for this project.

The Carpentry Program is designed to equip students to enter the trade as the equivalent to advanced apprentices. Graduates may find employment in the areas of residential, light and heavy commercial, highway and heavy bridgework, cabinetry and millwork. Graduates may be employed as ceiling tile installers, drywall applicators, building inspectors, customer service representatives for building and hardware supply companies and lumber yard manager trainees, along with sales/service for any building materials supply. A number of graduates start their own contracting businesses.


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