MVP - Mission, Values, Priorities

Preparing students for life-long learning

Vision Statement

St. Cloud Technical & Community College is the college of choice for quality career, technical and transferable education, focused on highly-skilled employment and life-long learning opportunities.

Mission Statement

St. Cloud Technical & Community College prepares students for life-long learning by providing career, technical and transferable education.

SCTCC's Core Values

  • Student success through collaboration and cooperation
  • A friendly, respectful, enthusiastic, safe, and diverse atmosphere
  • Student-centered from prospect through alumni
  • Staff development and success
  • A team oriented environment
  • Relationships with industry and community
  • Quality and continuous improvement
  • Innovation, creativity, and flexibility
  • Contextual and technologically driven learning experiences

SCTCC Priorities and Measures

SCTCC Pillars of Success
Student SuccessCommunity Building Developing a Skilled WorkforceSustainability Internal Workforce Engagement
Completion RatesFunding/InvestmentsSatisfaction of GraduatesCFI MeasuresEmployee Engagement
Placement RatesPartners/CollaborationsAdvisory Board MembershipEfficiency & EffectivenessRetention/Transfer
Persistence/RetentionReputation/ImageAdvisory Board EngagementEnrollmentDiversity
College Transitions/TransferIdentify & Meet Market Demands for Program Alignment Professional Development
Readiness for CollegeGainful EmploymentReward and Recognition
Student Learning