The Plumbing Program is designed to give students a series of experiences with a wide variety of tasks normally performed by a plumber. Some areas included are installation of fixtures, pipe threading, use of tools and equipment, hot and cold water supply, drainage systems, fabrication and testing, maintenance and repair of plumbing, and hydronic heating. Students may choose between a Diploma and an AAS Degree. Students choosing an AAS Degree will find added emphasis on shop management and communication skills.

Related material covered includes blueprint reading and sketching, plumbers' mathematics, the Minnesota State Plumbing Code, and a considerable amount of trade knowledge. One of the main class projects involves installation of the plumbing and fixtures in the house project built each year by the building trades classes. The building construction industry is moving ahead rapidly and becoming more complex each year. There is a need for people with the desire and ambition to learn the basics of plumbing and enter the field as apprentices.


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