Getting Started

Let’s get started with Accessibility Services! Any student currently enrolled at SCTCC with a disability is eligible to apply for Accessibility Services. This section will walk you through the steps you need to complete to receive accommodations.

Any students enrolled at SCTCC with a disability that impacts their education or ability to participate on campus are eligible to apply for Accessibility Services.

The steps to apply are as follows

If you have any questions regarding the process to receive accommodations, please connect with us: or 320-308-5064!

Please review the documentation guidelines here

To receive your accommodations, you must email your accommodation plan to your instructors, and CC Accessibility Services ( on that email. Please include the following in your email to your instructor:

  • your name
  • the class you are requesting accommodations for (i.e., BIOL-1234)
  • a digital copy of your Accommodation Plan

Accommodations are not retroactively applied, so it is our recommendation to email your accommodations to your instructors as close to the start of the semester as possible.

  • The Accessibility Services Web-Portal hosts our Application for Services.
  • After you are approved for services, our Web-Portal is your one stop shop for any forms or documents you may need in relation to your accommodations.
  • The most updated version of your accommodation plan will always be available for you on the Web-Portal.
  • If you have any of the following accommodations, you will be utilizing the Web-Portal for submitting forms:
    • Testing Accommodations
    • Supplemental Note Taker
    • ASL Interpreter
    • Kurzweil/Alternative Texts
  • Accessibility Services Web Portal
  • Eligible testers may receive accommodations for the Accuplacer Placement Assessment. Please note that the Accuplacer is not a timed assessment, so requests for extended time on the Accuplacer are not necessary.
  • How to get Accuplacer Accommodations:
  1. Schedule your Accuplacer Exam (Accuplacer | St. Cloud Technical Community College (
  2. Follow all instructions to receive accommodations listed out in the Getting Started section of our website
  3. In your Welcome Meeting with the Accessibility Services Coordinator, please inform them that you will be taking the Accuplacer and need accommodations. Please know your Accuplacer date and time before this meeting.
  4. The Accessibility Services Coordinator will inform the Assessment Coordinator of your accommodations, and CC you in the email.

Accessibility Services Web Portal

Contact Us

Avery Cook
Accessibility Services Coordinator

320-308-5064 or 1-800-222-1009 - TTY users dial MN Relay at 711
Fax:  320-308-5981 Attn: Accessibility Services
Email |


Dean Wulfekuhle
Accommodations Specialist,
Accessibility Services 
Office: 1-452
320-308-5757 |


Anne Rhodes, N.I.C., Interpreter Coordinator
Office: 1-454
320-308-5046 |