Sonography FAQs

Sonography Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to the program without all of the pre-requisites complete?

All pre-requisite courses MUST be complete prior to applying to the program.

Can I re-take a pre-requisite course to improve my GPA?

  • 1 of the Science/Math pre-requisites may be re-taken onetime.
  • 1 of the Communication courses may be re-taken onetime.

Please consult with an advisor about the impact of repeated courses.

Beside my Pre-Requisite GPA, what can I do to improve program acceptance?

(Listed below are NOT required, but highly recommended).

  • Complete Nurse Assistant course (HLTH1402),
  • Earn a health degree, AA, HSBF - AS or Bachelordegree
  • Complete 12 or more pre-requisite credits atSCTCC
  • HESI Assessment Examinationscore

When does the Sonography program start?

The Sonography program is a 4-semester program that begins each Fall Semester.

How many students are accepted to the program?

12 students are accepted each fall semester.

Can I attend Part-Time?

The Sonography program is a full-time program only.

Are any of the Sonography courses offered online?

Once accepted to the program, classes are all held on-campus or at Clinical sites.

When can I apply to the program?

The Sonography application window is open December 1st through January 15th Application found at

Once accepted to the Sonography program, what is the schedule like? First year students:

First semester will be on campus approximately 4-5 hours per day, Monday-Friday.

Second semester will be on campus 6.5-7 hours per day, Monday-Friday. Students will also be doing a clinic observation rotation on Thursdays and Fridays for a total of 6 hours per week during the Spring Semester.

Second year students:

Third semester will be completing clinic internship at a clinic site for 40 hours per week. Required clinic hours is 660.

Fourth semester will be completing clinic internship at a clinic site for 40 hours per week. Required clinic hours is 240. Student completion will be in February-March of the second year. Instructors will provide an end date yearly.

Is the Sonography Program accredited?

The St. Cloud Technical and Community College (SCTCC) Sonography program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs 9355 113th Street N. #7709, Seminole, FL 33775-7709 (

St. Cloud Technical & Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

FAQs - HESI Admission Assessment Exam (A2) for the Sonography Program

What does HESI stand for?

Health Education Systems, Inc., and A2 stands for Admission Assessment.

Why is the HESI admission exam being used?

The HESI exam is being used by the Sonography Program to help evaluate students’ academic readiness as part of the selection process. Students will also be completing a learning style and personality profile assessment. The learning style and personality profile assessment will not be scored.

When can I take the HESI exam?

Students MUST be invited to take the HESI exam at SCTCC. Students are invited to take the HESI exam after the Sonography Program applications have been reviewed. Students that have completed all program requirements and scored a minimum required GPA of 3.0 for the required prerequisites will be eligible to take the HESI examination. Explicit directions are included in the invitation that is sent via email and mailed letter.

What is covered of the HESI exam?

Eligible students will take the following components of the HESI exam for application to the Sonography program:


  • Reading Comprehension (60minutes)
  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge (50minutes)


  • Basic Math Skills (50minutes)


  • Anatomy and Physiology (25minutes)

Learner Profile:

  • Leaning Style (14items)
  • Personality Profile (15items)

How long will the HESI exam take?

Students will be permitted short breaks between components if needed. Registering for the test will take about 30 minutes, so students should allow about 5 hours to complete the exam.

What is the cost of the HESI examination?

The test will cost approximately $40

What are the student accommodations?

Students will be permitted the use of scratch paper which will be collected by Testing Center staff and immediately shredded after the test.

In general, students are not allowed to use a calculator when testing. However, students with documented disabilities may request the college’s Accommodation Committee to approve the use of a basic 4 or 6 function calculator. Students will need to make arrangements in advance for this and any other possible accommodation.

How many times can I take the HESI exam?

Students are allowed to take the test 2 times. The HESI exam must be taken at St. Cloud Technical & Community College and will only be offered once each year in March.

Is there an expiration date of my HESI exam?

The HESI exam has to be taken within two years of applying to the program for the score to be eligible for consideration in the selection process.

When will the HESI exam be administered?

The testing window for the Sonography HESI exam will the week of March 12th -16th, 2018. Eligible students will receive an email with detailed information.

What is the minimum score accepted for the HESI exam?

There will not be a minimum score needed to achieve for admission to the Sonography program. Students will receive points based off their comprehensive score based on a percent set forth by program faculty.

When will I know the results of the HESI exam?

Within 48 hours, students will receive a detailed email regarding their score.

How can I study for the HESI exam?

A study guide is available: HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4th edition ISBN: 9780323353786

Students can receive a 25% discount when ordering online at Enter code 70456