Transfer to SCTCC

We're excited you might be transferring to our college, but you're probably wondering which courses from your previous schooling will count toward your program of study at SCTCC. We can help with that.

How credits are evaluated

Credits are evaluated for transfer after a student is admitted to a program at SCTCC and official transcripts from previous colleges are received.

Notification of a completed SCTCC transfer evaluation is sent to the student and their advisor.

Students may view their academic record and degree audit by:

  • Logging into eServices
  • Clicking on the Academic Record
  • Choosing Degree Audit Report from the menu options on the left.

How credits compute in total credits earned

Transfer credits will compute into a student's "total credits earned" but do not calculate into SCTCC academic GPA. 

Detail of courses accepted in transfer will not appear on the SCTCC student transcript. The transcript will only indicate the transferring institution and the number of credits accepted from that institution.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

This curriculum is designed for those students who intend on transferring to another college or university within the Minnesota State system

MnTC is the core of the Associate in Arts Degree and serves as the key to all undergraduate education at SCTCC and all Minnesota State institutions. The 40-credit package of general education courses will be accepted for transfer by all colleges and universities within Minnesota State.

While specific courses may vary, students are required to complete courses in each of the 10 Goal Areas. The courses that students complete at SCTCC can help them earn a degree at any Minnesota State institution and are often transferable to other colleges and universities.

To complete the SCTCC version of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, all 10 MnTC goal areas must be completed. At least 40 semester credits must be earned. Students must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA in the MnTC. Transfer grades of A-D will be included in the MnTC GPA calculation.

Associate in Arts Degree (AA) 60 Credits

SCTCC offers a two-year Associate in Arts Degree. This degree constitutes the first two years of a baccalaureate degree at most colleges and universities anywhere in the world.

The AA Degree provides students with a broad base of classes to help develop key communication and critical thinking skills and exposes students to new and diverse ideas. An Associate in Arts Degree is a stackable credential that students can use in a career or as a basis for further academic studies.  

Because of transfer agreements with other Minnesota State institutions, it is sometimes easier to transfer with an AA Degree than with the 40 credit MnTC. It is also more portable and widely accepted when transferring to an out-of-state institution.

In addition to the 40 credits required from the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, AA students must complete 18 college level elective credits and 2 credits of Wellness to reach the 60 credit total required to obtain the AA Degree.

Articulation Agreements with other Colleges 

Articulation Agreements are formal agreements between two or more colleges and universities to accept credits in transfer toward a specific academic program. Articulation Agreements are generally for specialized professional or technical programs offered at colleges (e.g., Associate of Applied Science, diplomas, certificates) that can be applied to a specific program/major at the receiving university.

Credit Transfer Policy

For more information, view our Transfer of Credit policy.

Planning For Transfer?

Receive a tentative evaluation of transfer credits by using the Transferology website. Transferology is an online tool that allows you to view program requirements and consider how classes you've taken or plan to take might count towards a program at colleges across the country.

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