Psychology Transfer Pathway AA

Skeleton model with a clear skull reveals different parts of the human brain

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Why Choose This Program

Have you ever wondered what babies are really thinking? Are you curious why aging adults’ memories seem to fade and what can be done to slow the aging process? Perhaps you have asked yourself why alcohol can make a person more adventurous or what personalities would work together most effectively. You can explore these areas of interest and so many more, as well as open a number of career possibilities, with a concentration in psychology.
Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, emotion, and mental processes. Majors will use scholarly rigor to examine social, cultural, gender, biological, and emotional aspects to everyday questions. It is an excellent and appropriate choice for students as it is strongly tied to many other areas. An Associates of Arts with a psychology emphasis allows one to work with people with addictions or in rehabilitation; mental health centers or hospitals; law enforcement or criminology; customer service; sales; or even human resources. The transferability of this degree is high if you wish the courses to be utilized as a step toward pursuing further education at another college or university in Minnesota or surrounding states.
So why wait? Discover the possibilities – and save money in the process – with an Associate in Arts Degree with a psychology emphasis. See if starting your educational path makes (dollars) and sense at SCTCC. Learn more today.

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