Dental Assistant - Program Admissions

The Dental Assistant program welcomes 30 students every fall semester. The Dental Assistant program uses a selective process and there is no wait list for this program. Completing the prerequisite courses does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Open application period: The Dental Assistant program open application period is December 1st through March 1st. Applications will remain open until filled.  Applications received after March 1st deadline will be placed on the alternate list.

Gain acceptance to the college in the “AA/Pre-Dental Assistant” major

  • Apply online
  • Pay $20 application fee
  • Submit high school transcript
    • Required if graduated high school 5 or fewer years ago
    • If the language of record is not English, a certified translation must be included with the official transcript
  • Submit official college transcript from ALL colleges previously attended
    • If the language or record is not English, a certified course-by-course evaluation that includes GPA and course levels must be provided
  • Submit Accuplacer, ACT, SAT, or MCA test scores
  • Applicants considered for admission to the dental assistant program MUST have all the prerequisite general education/general studies courses completed prior to the start of the program and ranking preference will be given to students with all prerequisite general education/general studies as well as required general education courses completed by the application deadline.

AAS Pre-requisites

Diploma Pre-requisites

  • Students are only allowed to retake one prerequisite course one time for this program.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher from the prerequisite courses is required and a GPA of 2.0 must be maintained in the general education coursework to be considered for admission.
  • Attend a Dental Assistant Program Information Meeting to receive the most current program information.  The Program Application and associated forms are discussed at the Program Information Meeting.
  • Submit the Dental Assistant program application and supporting documents (such as the Nursing Assistant certificate, CPR Card) during the program open application period.  Supporting documents should be mailed following the instructions provided on the Apply Online link (available during the program open application period.)
  • Applicants will be ranked using the Dental Assistant Program Acceptance Criteria.
  • Non-accepted applicants are encouraged to reapply during the next program application period after reviewing ways to gain more points on the Point System.
  • The American Heart Association CPR/AED health care provider level course should be taken if you are selected as one of the top applicants to start the program.  

Please contact our Admissions office with any questions.