Student Help - Printing

Sometimes you need a hard copy

Printers are available in the computer labs (rooms 1-405,1-309 and HSB-117), in the library, student center, TRiO room and the CAS.

Students are given $4 each semester for printing. The $4 is printer credit only and cannot be used for any other purchases (i.e. copies, books, food, etc.); unused amounts each semester do NOT roll over to the next semester.

After the balance is gone, students pay the following printing costs:

  • B/W one-sided print: $0.04
  • B/W two-sided print: $0.06
  • Color one-sided print: $0.25
  • Color two-sided print: $0.40

You pay for copies using your Cyclone ID card. You can add funds to your Cyclone ID card at the VTS machine in the commons, the open labs in room 1-405 and HSB-117, Library (Heartland Building), at the campus card office, or on-line at Web Deposit Services.

If you add your own money on the Cyclone ID card, you CAN use those funds for copies, printing, or anything in the bookstore.

Adding money to your student account using the VTS machine

  1. Go to the VTS Station
  2. Click Deposit
  3. Select whether or not you would like a receipt of the transaction
  4. Swipe your card
  5. Insert bills
  6. Click Done
  7. Amount gets added to card and receive receipt (if selected)

No coins or credit cards are accepted. If you need to use a credit card, you can do this at the Card Services Lab (room 1-134) from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.