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Associates of Arts

Not quite sure what career path to choose? Or, just looking to save money on your intended four-year degree? Then SCTCC’s two-year Associate in Arts Degree is the perfect place to start.

The A.A. degree exposes students to a variety of courses that develop key communication and critical thinking skills. These courses also introduce students to new and diverse ideas that can help uncover talents, skills, and interests you didn’t know you had.

Plus, the A.A. degree usually constitutes the first half of a baccalaureate degree (the “general eds,” as people often call them) at most colleges and universities in Minnesota and around the world. That means, this degree will transfer, and you’ve earned the credits at a cost that’s typically less expensive.

So why wait? Discover the possibilities today – and save money in the process – with an Associate in Arts Degree.

This program is available online and on campus.

General Requirements for the AA Degree:

A minimum of 60 credits (Completion of the 40 credit MnTC, 18 credits of electives and 2 credits of Wellness).

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Plan to attend a college or university within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system – and want to save money on your four-year degree? Then the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) is a great option.

MnTC is a 40-credit package of general education courses that will be accepted for transfer by all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. While specific courses may vary, students complete courses in 10 goal areas. 

Completing MnTC at SCTCC can save you money if you plan to attend a four-year college because the credits are less expensive for comparable coursework.

See if starting your educational path makes (dollars) and sense at SCTCC. Learn more today.

General Requirements for MnTC:

A minimum of 40 credits and completion of all 10 Goal Areas with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 for MnTC courses. The MnTC G.P.A. includes all MnTC courses, whether they were accepted in transfer or taken at SCTCC.

Accreditations & Credentials

SCTCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


The two-year Associate of Arts degree constitutes the first two years of a baccalaureate degree at most colleges and universities anywhere in the world. Because of transfer agreements with other Minnesota State institutions, it is sometimes easier to transfer with an AA Degree than with the 40 credit MnTC. It is also more portable and widely accepted when transferring to an out of state institution.

See more about different transfer options.

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