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Degrees and Certificates

Why Choose This Program

Students who study Spanish are getting ready to be leaders in multilingual, global communities where they will live and work. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the world, and the US has the second largest population of Spanish speakers in the world with nearly 13% of Americans speaking Spanish at home. The US is set to have the largest population of Spanish speakers in the world by 2050.

A degree in Spanish will give you top consideration for jobs in education, health, business, industry, and community safety. Bilingual workers are in high demand, based on job postings, and the nominal wages of bilingual workers is higher than their monolingual peers.

Starting your degree at SCTCC is great option to save money and get the same education. All courses will transfer to a bachelor's degree in Spanish at any of the seven Minnesota State universities that offer them.

Skills Acquired

After finished the Spanish Transfer Pathway at SCTCC, you will have a number of important skills and knowledge to prepare them for a major or minor in Spanish.

In addition to acquiring Spanish language skills, you will also be able to:

  1. Compare the target culture and the student’s own culture on topics such as the environment and other contemporary issues in society.
  2. Discuss and analyze contributions of cultures such as selections from various literary genres and fine arts.
  3. Expand the use of Spanish beyond the school setting for life-long learning and participating in a global community.
  4. Infer and explain social, cultural and political issues reflected in literary works from Spanish-speaking countries.
  5. Examine historical figures from the Spanish-speaking world within their social and historical background.
  6. Create artistic works that express and reflect issues in the Spanish-speaking world.

Career Choices

  • Bilingual job options
  • Educator
  • Editor
  • Interpreter
  • Translator


The associate’s degree in Spanish fully transfers to a bachelor’s degree program at any one of the seven Minnesota State universities. Five of the universities offer bachelor's degrees in Spanish.

  • Bemidji State University (BA in Spanish, BS in Spanish Education)
  • Metropolitan State University
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato (BA in Spanish; BS in Spanis, BS in Spanish for the Professions, BS in Spanish Education
  • Minnesota State University, Moorhead (BA in Spanish)
  • St. Cloud State University (BA in Spanish, BS in Spanish Education)
  • Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Winona State University (BA in Spanish, BS in Spanish Education)

Info Sessions

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Program Costs

Program Scholarship

The SCTCC Spanish Language Faculty/Staff Funded Scholarship provides financial support to students in any program at SCTCC who have demonstrated commitment to continuing their studies of the Spanish language and culture.

Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in SCTCC course SPAN1320, SPAN2310, or SPAN2320 during the current semester to be considered.

Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated commitment to learning the Spanish language and culture through study abroad, volunteer work, employment, or other activities evidenced in their scholarship application.

Two scholarships will be awarded annually in the amount of $500 each.  Distribution is contingent upon being a student in good standing.

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