Student Senate

The SCTCC Student Senate is the voice for SCTCC students and the official student government. It operates under a constitution that’s been approved by the student body.

Would you like to have a voice and represent SCTCC's student body?

  • Are you a leader?
  • Are you a good listener, writer, note taker, planner, and organizer?
  • Are you a numbers person who is good at working with money and budgets?
  • Are you an outgoing, friendly personality who is good at advertising, marketing, technology, and social media?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Student Senate Executive Cabinet is looking for you to join our team!

We are NOW accepting applications for the following positions:

  1. Secretary
  2. Treasurer
  3. Public Relations Coordinator

If you are interested, please complete and submit the following to Campus Life Director, Tashana Husom, by Friday, November 22, 2019.

  • Application
  • Letter of Support from a SCTCC faculty/staff member (can be emailed directly from faculty/staff to Campus Life Director, Tashana Husom)
  • Copy of your most current transcript (to show proof of credits enrolled and GPA requirements)

*Student Senate is SCTCC's governing body and the representative voice for all SCTCC students. Student Senate Executive Cabinet members do NOT have to be a current Student Senate member or affiliated with a club/organization to apply.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tashana Husom (Campus Life Director) at (320) 308-5922 or


Meet your Student Senate

President: Jacob Bertam
Vice President: Kiara Coops
Secretary: Open for Application as of 11/6/2019

Treasurer: Open for Application as of 11/6/2019
Public Relations Coordinator: Open for Application as of 11/6/2019
Legislative Liaison:  Jacob Bertram

If you are interested in running for office, complete the Student Senate Executive Cabinet applicationcontact Tashana Husom or Nate Hiestand, or stop by the Student Senate/Campus Life Office (Heartland B024) for more information.

The role of the Student Senate:

  • To act as the official communication link between SCTCC’s student body and SCTCC’s administration regarding all student, educational, and administrative concerns.
  • To serve as leaders across campus and represent the power of the student voice by advocating on behalf of and in the best interest of all SCTCC students. 
  • To encourage student participation in all campus-wide events/activities as well as in the greater, regional community.
  • To adhere to, align with, and promote SCTCC’s College Outcomes and Competencies.
    • To demonstrate personal and social accountability
    • To think critically
    • To communicate effectively
    • To understand social and global perspectives
    • To apply knowledge
  • To build and maintain professional communication with SCTCC administration, faculty, and staff.
  • To represent SCTCC at Lead MN. 
  • To serve on SCTCC’s Student Life Committee, Tuition and Fees, Technology Fee Committees and participate in the consultation process as stated in Minnesota State Board Policies.

Senate Meetings

Fall 2019 Senate Meeting Dates/Time/Location

1:00-2:00 p.m. in main floor of the Heartland Building (Digital Commons) 116

  • September 11
  • September 25
  • October 9
  • October 25
  • November 6
  • November 20
  • December 4

Student Senate members meet on a regular, bi-weekly basis throughout the year.

Have an issue you’d like to bring to the Student Senate? To have your item placed on the agenda, contact the Student Senate President no later than the Tuesday prior to the next Senate meeting.

You're always welcome to join us! If you’d like to be involved, no matter your interests, please call 320-308-5922. You can also visit the Student Senate office, located in the Basement of the Heartland Building B024.

Staff Co-Advisors:  Tashana Husom (Campus Life Director)/Nate Hiestand (Athletic Director)

Contact Campus Life Director (Tashana Husom) if you have any questions.