Visiting Students

Here to take classes, but do not want to complete a full certificate or degree?  As a student who is not seeking a degree, you're considered a Visiting Student.  We're glad you're here! 

Visiting Student Overview

  • Persons interested in registering for select courses and who are not interested in pursuing a diploma or degree are considered Visiting Students.

  • Visiting Students are not required to apply for admission to SCTCC.

  • Credits earned as a Visiting Student may later, upon admission to a degree program, be applied toward graduation. Visiting Students who have completed 16 credits are strongly urged to apply for admission to the college. Technical credits completed as a Visiting Student beyond the initial 16 may not be applied toward a diploma or degree.

  • Commonly used phrase for Visiting Students: Non-Degree Seeking.

Visiting Student Course Registration Process

Course registration is a 3-step process. 

Please contact the Records and Registration office if you have questions.

Records and Registration

Step 1: Pre-Registration

1) A StarID is required to register for courses as a Visiting Student

a. Create StarID here

2) Meet course prerequisite requirements 

If you would like to register for a course with a prerequisite requirement, and you have completed the required prerequisite at another institution, submit your unofficial college transcripts or provide course placement test scores to gain access to course registration.

Step 2: Register for Courses

Registration Instructions

1.  Log into e-Services

2.  Click on Courses and Registration

3.  Search for the course you want

4.  Change College/University to St. Cloud Technical and Community College

5.  Choose Semester and Subject

6.  Add course to wishlist by clicking on the plus sign next to course

7.  Click on review my plan

8.  Register for courses using StarID password

9.  View schedule and print

Step 3: Post Registration

Gather books and Supplies

Visit the BookStore to purchase textbooks and required course materials.

Payment Information

Visit Pay for College to explore options on how to pay tuition.

Parking Pass

Parking passes are included in your tuition and fees. Register your vehicle online if you have enrolled in classes that meet on campus. Then visit the Financial Services department on campus to get your parking pass.

Admissions staff are available to answer your questions. 
Admissions:  SCTCC Main Building Room 1404