Academic Advising Center

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Drop-in in-person sessions are available at the Academic Advising Center 1-312 between 8:30am – 1:45pm. Students will meet with the advisor assigned to drop-in appointments that day.

Current SCTCC students are encouraged to schedule a phone, zoom or in-person meeting through Starfish with their academic advisor during the month of October/November to prepare for spring semester 2022 registration. Spring 2022 registration begins as early as October 28th.

If you need assistance please connect with us:

Academic advisors assist and empower students to take ownership of their educational plan.

Educational plans are reviewed at least once a semester and may include:

  • developing goals
  • sharing resources
  • offering guidance

Advising Syllabus 2022

NOTE: PSEO Students - Please schedule an appointment with Molly McAlister at or 320-308-6022 (located in Admissions office).

Faculty Advisors Academic Advising Center Provided by both
  • Program specific course selection

  • Industry and career information

  • Course content

  • Internship/Clinical guidance

  • General Education courses

  • Transfer 

  • Initial advising questions

  • Major exploration

  • Advisors for Liberal Arts & Sciences and Pre-Health

  • Academic guidance and planning

  • Initial registration or scheduling questions

  • Information about campus resources and policies

Front Desk Student Workers

The Academic Advising Center hires students with work study funding throughout the year. Please stop in and see if we are hiring.

If you:

  • are registered for 6+ credits
  • qualify for work study funding
  • have some experience in an office or customer service setting (not required, but a plus)

Email Lori Moe, Administrative Assistant at the Academic Advising Center, at to inquire about a position!

Academic Peer Mentors

If you are positive, friendly, and knowledgeable about St. Cloud Technical and Community College, we invite you to apply to be an Academic Peer Mentor. More information can be found here.

Check out the Success Tips and Cyclones Skills videos for useful info that will help you be a successful student:
Career Advising

Do you need help planning your career? We are here to help!

SCTCC provides a variety of services to guide you in choosing a successful path that is right for you.

Academic Advising Center
SCTCC Northway Building Room 1-312