Farm Management

Farm Management

Degrees and Certificates

Why Choose This Program

The Farm Management degree is designed to educate farm owners and operators and those about to go into farming to meet business and personal goals.

Curriculum is individualized toward the needs of each farm owner, and faculty work one-on-one with you on your farm. There is no traditional classroom work for the Farm Management degree, but there are a few seminars and sessions at the SCTCC campus.

Students will learn economic principles and agricultural practices used to make decisions about alternative ways of using land, labor, capital, and management ability to make a profit in farming.

The core of the program is learning a system of farm business record-keeping necessary for computerized farm business analysis. Curriculum includes individual conferences with farmers and others concerned with a family-operated farm. Instruction is based on the economic, social, and cultural goals of the family and business unit.

Skills Acquired

  • Apply appropriate principles of financial concepts as it relates to personal entrepreneurship.
  • Implement principles of business planning concepts to own business.
  • Exhibit professional characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes within the scope of production agriculture.
  • Use appropriate technologies to facilitate effective communication as it relates to farming operations.
  • Complete assigned tasks and duties within the legal and ethical parameters expected within production agriculture.

Accreditations & Credentials

The Farm Management program has been accepted into AgCentric Center for Excellence.

The goal of AgCentric is to develop and support excellence in agricultural, natural resources, and horticulture programs and career pathways in partnership with academic institutions in the industry.

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Program Costs

In addition to tuition and fees, students can expect to pay $325 for books, materials, and supplies.

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