Transfer from SCTCC

Credits you've earned at St. Cloud Technical & Community College transfer to a variety of 4-year degree programs. The following links help you determine the next step of your educational journey by showing some transfer options that are available to you.

Associate in Arts Degree (AA)

SCTCC offers a two-year Associate in Arts Degree. This degree constitutes the first two years of a baccalaureate degree at most colleges and universities anywhere in the world. Because of transfer agreements with other Minnesota State institutions, it is sometimes easier to transfer with an AA Degree than with the 40 credit MnTC. It is also more portable and widely accepted when transferring to an out of state institution.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

This curriculum is designed for those students who intend on transferring to another college or university within Minnesota State. MnTC is the core of the Associate in Arts Degree and serves as the key to all undergraduate education at SCTCC and all Minnesota State institutions.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements are formal agreements between two or more colleges and universities to accept courses in transfer toward a specific academic program.

Articulation Agreements are generally for specialized professional or technical programs offered at colleges (e.g., Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Fine Arts (AFA), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), diplomas, certificates) that can be applied to a specific program/major at the receiving university.

Minnesota Transfer's website can help you identify articulation agreements SCTCC has with other colleges.


Successful transfer also occurs without articulation agreements. Transferology is a multi-state, web-based transfer information system that provides you with fast and accurate course and transfer equivalency information. You can obtain program information, course descriptions and equivalencies, and student services websites (admissions, financial aid). Minnesota Transferology is supported through a collaboration of Minnesota State.

View the Transferology website for more information.

Planning for Transfer?

Receive a tentative evaluation of transfer credits by using the Transferology website.

Transferology is an online tool that allows you to view program requirements and consider how classes you've taken or plan to take might count towards a program at colleges across the country.