Workforce Development Scholarship Application

Minnesota State and SCTCC are awarding $2,500 scholarships to new students in select programs. The application window for this scholarship is now open.

Workforce Scholarship Application

The application window is now open until May 15, 2020


In addition to the criteria listed below, scholarships will be awarded based on how you answer two questions on how this scholarship will help you achieve your career goals.

To be eligible to receive a $2,500 scholarship you must:

  • Be a resident of Minnesota
  • Be a high school graduate or have completed a GED by Fall 2020
  • Have applied to SCTCC in a qualifying program  
  • Enroll in at least nine credits Fall semester 2020
  • Complete the scholarship application by May 15, 2020

Second semester funding:

  • Complete nine credits
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher

Did you receive a Workforce Development Scholarship last year?

  • You can apply again, but your total award can't be more than $5,000 (two scholarships)
  • The second scholarship will be awarded after completing two semesters
  • You're eligible for a third scholarship if you transfer to a related program at a Minnesota State university

Qualifying programs:

How it works:

Step 1:  Apply to the college in a qualifying program
Step 2:  Apply for the scholarship by May 15, 2020
Step 3:  Enroll in at least nine credits for Fall semester 2020
Step 4:  Receive notification of scholarship
Step 5:  Receive first semester scholarship award (If selected)
Step 5:  Complete at least nine credits with a 2.0 GPA or higher
Step 6:  Receive second semester scholarship award

Scholarships will be awarded for the Fall 2020 semester and Spring 2021 semester. 

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Workforce Scholarship Application

The application window is now open until May 15, 2020